NOVEMBER 2021
    The foliage of many perennials will die after a hard frost.  Rake up and remove any diseased foliage to prevent disease organisms from over-wintering and then re-infecting plants in the spring.  Foliage that was healthy may be removed either this fall or next spring.
  After the ground has frozen, spread a several inches thick layer of coarse mulch over the perennial bed.  The mulch will help the soil to retain moisture and maintain a more even temperature during freeze/thaw cycles.
   Once the ground freezes protect rosebushes from winter damage by mounding an 8-10" layer of mulch or soil over the crown (the bottom section of the bush).  To prevent mulch from blowing or washing away you may want to place a rose collar, available at garden centers, around the base of the bush and fill it with mulch. 
Canes of climbing roses tend to be susceptible to winter damage caused by Colorado’s intense sunlight, dryness, and frequent freeze/thaw cycles. You may want to protect the canes by wrapping them loosely with burlap.
   To encourage a Christmas cactus to bloom, place it where it will have 12-14 hours of darkness each night this month.  It prefers cool night temperatures (50-55 degrees F). 
  Protect the trunk of young trees from sunscald damage by wrapping the trunk with tree wrap.
    Don't neglect winter watering.  Lawns, trees and shrubs need more moisture than Mother Nature usually provides during late fall and winter in Colorado.
   Keep an eye out for fungus gnats in your houseplants.  They tend to proliferate this time of year.  To control this pest, avoid over-watering plants and allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.  Sticky traps may also be used for control.
   If you didn't apply a winterizer fertilizer to your Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass or tall fescue lawn in October, you can do it in early November if the grass is still green and the ground isn’t frozen.  Use one pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of lawn.  Do not fertilize Buffalograss, Blue Grama or Bermuda grass at this time of the year.